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Low Sea International Agencies Limited.

About us

Low Sea Int’l Agencies Limted  keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

We offer dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing solutions in Kenya and across the East Africa with customized personal service and guaranteed quality.

Low Sea International Agencies Limited is a private limited company dealing with Clearing and forwarding.  Low Sea International Agencies started operations in the year 2002 under the trade name Low Sea International Agencies which was eventually change to Low Sea International Agencies Ltd, after.

This was based on a strong desire and focus by the directors to embrace growth and tap expanding business from the government, state corporations, public and private companies. As a result we have enjoyed a profitable track record of excellence in cargo handling origin to destination with competitive rates both sea and sir.

Mission & Commitment

Our Mission is to be committed to provide our clients with services satisfaction professionally and promptly dealing with any problem in logistic that arises.

Our Objectives

The main objective of Low Sea International Agencies Limited is to provide services of Clearing & Forwarding using the experience and expertise earned over the years to ensure our customers get the best value and services for their money. We also wish to remain not only Clearing Agencies Limited  but reliable partners that you can count on in your business. Low Sea International Agencies Limited remains a socially responsible corporate neighbor through compliance to government regulation and participation in development and other social activities geared to improve the welfare of the society.

Technical Capacity

Low Sea International Agencies Limited has a wealth of experience in Clearing and Forwarding each director having been in the Clearing and Forwarding for at least 10 years. We chose  to purse a particular line namely Clearing and Forwarding in order to give our customers the best attention and services in what we know best. This makes us the company of choice in provision of Clearing and forwarding to your organization. We also posses a wealth of experience in international business in both importation and exportation of merchandise in the region as well as Asia, Middle East and Europe

About Us

Low Sea Int’l Agencies Ltd.

Swalenguru Rd, Sparki,

P.O Box 41633-80100, Mombasa-Kenya

Tel: +254 41 2225444

Mobile: 0722 841049 / 0722 839943

E-mail: info@lowsea-int.com

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